Monday 12 December 2016

Thank you Lion Foundation

Thank you Lion Foundation for our bouncy matting in the Junior playground.

Harold came to visit

Harold the giraffe came to visit. We went into the Life Ed van. We learned about how our bodies work. We can sing the song that Michelle taught us.

Spring flowers

We have been watching the spring flowers come out. They are so colourful. Thank you Mrs Hohua for planting them.

Finally the playground is open.

We were very excited to be the first class to be allowed on the park after the matting was updated and two two two new events were added - cargo net and spider web. We love climbing.

Duffy assembly

Maarametua received an extra book at the Duffy Assembly. She was very excited.

New children in Room 4

LaDainian likes broccolli

I don't like jelly
I don't like butter
I am LaDainian
 and I like broccoli.

I don't like Happy meals
I don't like fries
I am LaDainian
 and I like broccoli