Monday 4 July 2016

Kids Song/ABC Song for kids/Alphabet Song for Children Joseph's favourite

We are learning the letter names and sounds

Little Birdie Video Samoan Language Week 2016

Savalivali Means Go For A Walk


Here is Joseph. He loves to learn. 


LaDainian is a very clever boy. He is always teaching Miss Wards something new. 

He knows a lot about the countries of the world, the planets and the dwarf planets. He learns by asking lots of questions.

 Even Busy Buzzy Bee is learning things she didn't know before.

We love to read poems

Daerue is learning to put the numbers 1 -20 in order

Well done, Daerue. You can put the numbers 1-20 in order. 

Wet lunchtime

It is raining outside so we spend the lunch break inside.

It is raining

The rain came down. We could see the rain drops hitting the ground.

When there is a lot of rain we get a waterfall down the window (thankfully that is the outside of the window)


Wig Wednesday

Dawson School joined in Wig Wednesday to raise money for the Cancer research. 

Lots of people had hair like Beau on Wig Wednesday.

Here is Beau sitting with the Principal of Dawson Primary Mrs Funaki.

Hair twins!



Amazing hair that Evamoni created at home.

Fuatai, that is amazing hair.

Maamametua's hair changed colour of the day.

Eleanora had the same hair as Miss Wards.

Elsa, sorry Arianny looking great.

Miss Puvava looks different today.

Sunday 3 July 2016

We love to read

Jill Eggleton we love your books and poems.

Mathew was excited to match the words in the large copy of the book with the words in the little copy of the same book.


Last session of Kiwiball. We all received a certificate

We enjoyed playing Kiwiball. Today we were using the gloves to catch the balls.