Sunday 3 April 2016

Elephant is Stuck

Jill Eggleton wrote a funny story about an elephant getting stuck in a hole. Lion and Tiger thought that they were tough. But they were not tough enough. You will be surprised by which animal that helped Elephant to get out of the hole. 

Drama - the King's Cake

On Thursday we tried acting out Jill Eggleton's Shared Book The King's Cake.  Arianny, Karina and Pauna are the candles on the cake. LaDainian decided that he needed to be the long cake.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs hunts are on our minds when we created these colourful pictures. 

We enjoyed using pastels for the first time. 

Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants is the title of one of the Shared Books that we read. Smarty Pants can do lots of different things. We had to think about the rhyming words for our page.


We enjoy our turn in the sandpit. We like creating lots of different things.


Here is LaDainian with his picture of the countries.