Monday 20 June 2016


Dawson Primary School values posts


Can you see the little photo on the board. It is a photo of Pauna when she first started a school a whole year ago. She looks different now.

Travelwise survey

We made ourselves into a graph. 
Four children came to school in the car, ten children walked to school. 
More children in room 4 walk to than than come to school in a car or van. 


Meet the lovely Fuatai. She works hard in Room 4. She shows aroha to others and helps them with their learning.

School values

We are learning more and more about the Dawson School values. Here we are in the garden with the value poles. We are still learning how to say the different words.

Exploring what we can do with sand

We had so much fun in the sandpit. We made sand castles and

LaDainian made three volcanoes! Watch out for the erupting lava.

Meet Arianny

Kiwiball second session

We had so much fun at Kiwiball. We are learning to run the bases. 

One, two, three KIWIBALL!


We are learning to write description about people in our class. 


Joy Cowley

Miss Wards had afternoon tea with Joy Cowley many years ago (2007).
 Joy Cowley wrote a message to us in this book. We are enjoying the Mrs Wishy-Washy stories.


Anastarsia's koala came to Room 4 for a visit. We wrote a report about koalas


The Green Triangles maths group is learning to writing addition equations.


We are so excited. Here we are having our first session of Kiwiball (baseball)

Thursday 16 June 2016


We love writing in Room 4.  We are using the alphabet cards to help us with the letters.

Kiwi ball

We loved Kiwiball.
We listened to the coaches and ran around the bases. We hit the ball with the bat. 

The day Skiddy day came to school

Skiddy came to our school. The Skids team gave each class a ball after the teachers won the hoop competition.


Jayzara lay down and made a leaf angel. It was so much fun.
Then other children lay down on the ground too.

"It was lovely!" said Fuatai.

Pauna said, "I am happy."

Autumn leaves

We were jumping in the leaves - LaDainian

"We picked up the leaves and threw them up into the air," said Pauna

"It was fun picking up the leaves," said Maarametua.

Daerue said, "The leaves were falling and the wind was making the leaves go down."

LaDainian explained that in the autumn the leaves come down.